Jon Stewart to GOP: Your Candidates Aren't the Problem, It's You

The Daily Show host delivers a message to the GOP base

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On Monday night, Jon Stewart waded in to the Republican primary once again. He gave an unusually long amount of airtime to untangling the faulty reasoning of also-ran candidate Rick Santorum's sex is a "nonissue" stance on gays in the military and then moved on to an even easier target: Rick Perry's last debate performance. But the notable part in his introductory segment (before his extended interview with Ron Paul) was his message delivered to the Republican base. "Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe your candidates aren't the problem, maybe it's you," he says, before running highlights of the last three embarrassing crowd moments (cheering executions, booing gays in the military, and cries to let an uninsured person die). He notes incoherent logic of being pro-life or supporting the troops and holding such views: "It's like the Republican base is at war with it's own talking points."

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