Jon Stewart: Either Sarah Palin Is a Candidate or She's 'Crazy'

The Daily Show host tries to understand Sarah Palin's latest musings

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Think of last night's Jon Stewart take on the last weeks of Sarah Palin's non-presidential bid as a throwback to when pundits cared more about her than Chris Christie. Although the segment was filled with aging Alaska hunting jokes, The Daily Show host still managed to get a fresh take Palin's latest perplexing musing that a "title" and campaign may be too "shackling" for her. Ironically, as Stewart noted, those comments arrived on Fox News "less than a minute after Chris Christie had spoken--like an alarm went off that they were talking about somebody else." But eventually, he gets around to his point about being a presidential poser:

"So, here's the thing. You can have a colorful bus and drive to early primary states or you can go around telling people what you would do if you were president. But when you put those two together, there's really only two possibilities: you are either running for the president of the United States, or you are a crazy person."

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