Glenn Beck's New Kids Show Is Like a Nickelodeon for Tea Partiers

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Glenn Beck won't be hosting "Liberty Treehouse," a new kids show named after the Liberty Tree in Boston where, before the American Revolution, colonists lynched two British tax collectors. It's set to premiere Monday on his online-only GBTV network, but he plans to fill it with the Beckian spirit. Politco's Keach Hagey reports:

Much of the original content in the hour is the kind of thing you might see on Nickelodeon. Nair, the show’s young and charismatic host, will lead a block of kids' news, explaining the news stories that parents are talking about, presumably a bit the way Linda Ellerbee does on Nick News. James Rollins, the author of young adult adventure thrillers and a veterinarian by training, will do segments on science. And specials will cover typical topics like peer pressure and bullying.

Beck told Politico, "'Liberty Treehouse' will not only entertain children and young adults but it will respect them and their knowledge and passion for history, art, science and current events." It's not that Beck has a problem with indoctrinating children. He just wants to make sure they're indoctrinated the right way.

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