The Difference Between Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono, According to Stewart

The Daily Show host sees a bit of hypocrisy in Fox & Friends outrage coverage

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Last night, Jon Stewart used Nancy Grace's "wardrobe malfunction" on Dancing with the Stars to take on the easy target of Fox & Friends one-sided outrage coverage. Namely, if the morning talk show could get so worked up over the Chaz Bono controversy (about whether a transgendered person should appear on the silly dancing show), it had to get a bit outraged at Grace's errant exposure. But, it didn't. After playing a Friends clip of the talking heads indifferent reaction to Grace and unnecessary Chaz Bono operation joke about his injured knee, Stewart likened them to 7th grade bullies. "Guy hurt his knee and you're still trying to take his lunch money... You had your shot guys, for one shining moment, you weren't the biggest boobs on television."

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