Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez's Non-Date Sounds Like a Date

Plus: Ben Bernanke too cool to watch a movie that's partly about him

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lopez's go on a non-date, Diane Sawyer thinks she has the first interview with Gabrielle Giffords, and Ben Bernanke did not watch Too Big To Fail.

  • Actor Bradley Cooper's reps are insisting that he and Jennifer Lopez "were meeting for business regarding a project" and not on a date when they got together Saturday night for dinner at Per Se in New York. It certainly sounds like a date. Said one witness, "He waited 10 minutes for her to arrive, and she turned up in a white bandage dress looking ridiculously hot. They sat at a corner table smiling and chatting. It looked like they were heavily flirting. They left together out of a back door, so not to be seen." Date! [Page Six]
  • Witnesses say Jared Leto got into "a verbal altercation" with girlfriend Katharina Damm at New York City nightclub Darby Friday morning. The source of the disagreement was unknown, but the couple apparently went from "whispering tensely" to "full-on fighting" and had to step out into a hallway because people were starting to stare. Apparently it was just One of Those Things--the couple attended a party thrown by Purple magazine at the Standard hotel Saturday night and looked "pretty good." [Gatecrasher]
  • 19-year-old Selena Gomez has not tattooed boyfriend Justin Bieber's name on the inside of her right wrist, although we'd note that as a legal adult she'd be entitled to do so, even if it will likely end up being a spectacularly bad decision. A rep says Gomez wrote the thiny Canadian's name in magic marker on her wrist before a performance in Las Vegas over the weekend. So no wrist tattoo.  [E! Online]
  • Boston Globe columnist Charlie Pierce is leaving the paper after nine years to join Esquire full-time, where he'll be lead writer on's daily politics blog. The New York Observer reports Pierce will also be writing a regular column for Grantland, presumably meaning he's buried the hatchet with editor-in-chief and fellow Boston sports guy Bill Simmons, who Pierce once called a "thin-skinned bag of breeze" for kicking him out of his book's bibliography. [Poynter and The New York Observer]
  • Ben Bernanke did not watch HBO's adaptation of Too Big To Fail, despite being the nominal hero of the film and taking William Hurt birding to get him ready to portray the chairman of the Federal Reserve."I didn't see that movie," Bernanke told the Economic Club of Minnesota in a speech last week. "I lived it." [The Reliable Source]
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