Betty Draper Would Approve of Matthew Weiner's Kitchen

The 'Mad Men' creator is "completely obsessed" with his revamped retro stove

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Like any self-respecting Hollywood famous person, Matthew Weiner resides comfortably in a 1930's era Spanish Colonial home in LA. But, peeking inside his abode with the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine, we learn that the Mad Men creator's residence seems a bit more eclectic than the From Here To Eternity poster hanging over his bed suggests. For one, his pristine looking-kitchen looks like it was ordered by Betty Draper--complete with a retro stove she'd probably recognize. "I found these guys on Santa Monica Boulevard, and they fix up stoves the way some guys fix cars," he tells the magazine. "They tricked it out: it’s re-enameled, it has six burners and two ovens; the clock used to work. I’m completely obsessed with it." And the room that houses his trophy mantel looks particularly idiosyncratic. Maybe it's because he's pictured with the head of a toy soldier in his arm while standing next to a headless version. Or it could be that a painting of rhino-looking things is hanging behind his gleaming Emmy awards. Either way, the gallery is worth analyzing here.

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