Bar Where John Galliano Went on Racist Tirade Is Now Even Hipper

It's the place to be for "aspiring members" of the fashion set

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Sure, it's not surprising that the Paris bar that hosted John Galliano's anti-Semitic rant is getting more attention lately, especially with the huge coverage his trial received. But increased odd curiosity and increased, uh, hipness are two completely different things. And today, The New York Times dispatch from bar La Perle  finds that the place has morphed into a destination for "aspiring members of the visiting fashion set," as well as having "its share of curiosity seekers as well." And most of those "aspiring" visitors appear to be excitable tourists. Said one New York publicist on his first trip to Paris:

"I had heard this was the place to go because of the chic kids and artists who come here,"  he continued. "But after what happened with Galliano, this place was a must."

The old line about "all press is good press" seems to fit well here--even in places best known for a drunk fashion guy shouting ugly things like "I Love Hitler" at other patrons. La Perle's owner, The Times noted, is still angry about the association and has "never tried to cater to the fashion crowd."

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