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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: more white powder found in CBS studios, yesterday was not the greatest day for Ashton Kutcher, and Adweek's editor-in-chief is out of a job.

  • A white powdered substance was found in a letter addressed to the ABC reality show Dancing With the Stars, the CBS television studio where the show is taped. After evacuating the building, the Los Angeles Police Department's hazardous materials unit concluded the substance was harmless. A similar incident took place last month, when Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson was sent a similar package of white powder. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Gawker has heard Michael Wolff's acerbic reign as Adweek editor-in-chief is over. He was brought in to make the advertising trade magazine less like a trade magazine, which seemed to work editorially at least but maybe not so much as a business. "The problem, as we pointed out at the time: trade magazines do not generally become successful by being provocative and buzzy," writes Hamilton Nolan. "They become successful by relentlessly covering the trade in question. It's an often boring business. Michael Wolff added lots of interesting media reporting to Adweek. That's interesting to media people like us, but to the ad industry types who buy ads in Adweek, it's secondary at best." [Gawker]
  • Ashton Kutcher has had better days. First CBS became aware that the new Two and a Half Men star had plastered decals of companies in which he's an investor all over his character's laptop. The promblem with an actor "handing over millions of dollars’ worth of free promo time in the series to companies in which he has a financial stake" and not telling anyone with the network about it is problematic for obvious reasons. This was followed by the revelation in the New York Post that Kutcher is being pressed to pay "a six-figure sum" to 23 year-old blonde Sarah Leahl, who claims she had sex with the actor after a night of carousing Friday, which also happened to be Kutcher and Moore's sixth wedding anniversary. A source tells the Chicago Sun-Times that Leahl "is talking to multiple media outlets for a deal" and "wants $250,000, but the offers haven’t been as high." What she'd really like is "to get a payoff from Ashton," the source says, adding she's already "reached out to Ashton’s team” about striking an arrangement for her silence. It's unclear what he'd be protecting. This week's Star magazine alleges the couple has quietly been living on opposite sides of the country for months, and that a "close associate of Moore's" says the actress believes Kutcher has "sex addict issues, but won't get any help or counseling." Even their once vibrant and peppy Twitter relationship has gotten dark lately. On Monday, Moore tweeted a picture of herself laying in bed asleep with the caption "I see through you..." Two days earlier, she quoted Stoic philosopher Epictetus: "When we are afraid of any man's fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings, then you will forget your anger." [The Washington Post]

When we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger. -EpictetusFri Sep 23 21:28:00 via Twitter for iPhone

  • Last night at a screening for her film What's Your Number?, Anna Faris "candidly revealed that she bedded a total of five guys before marrying her husband, Moneyball's Chris Pratt." We wish she didn't need feel the need to answer those questions, even if Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles is the one asking. You think Carole Lobard had to put up with this? [Page Six]
  • Newt and Callista Gingrich were spotted having lunch "with another, less recognizable man" at DC Coast in the capital on Wednesday. The search to identify Mr. Less Recognizable was called off after 20 minutes.  [The Reliable Source]
  • Newly-single Jennifer Lopez bought an $18 million, 14,000-square-foot mansion in the Walter Mill area of the Hamptons. The residence was built just last year and features seven bedrooms, nine-and-a-half bathrooms, a "first floor guest suite with garden views." an elevator, an attached three car garage, seven fireplaces, "several walk-in closets," a formal dining room, "dockage on Mecox Bay," heated marble floors, "a library with white oak paneling," and a pool. But don't be fooled by the seven fireplaces she's got: she's still Jenny from the block. [Us Weekly
  • Future Mrs. Paul McCartney Nancy Shevell wasn't anxious to talk about upcoming nuptials in the middle of Tuesday's MTA board meeting, but did perk up when a Post reporter congratulated on getting married. "Thank you!” Shevell enthused to the Post’s Jennifer Fermino. “I appreciate that. Thank you." [Page Six]

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