Aaron Sorkin Provides Another Reason to Get HBO

The tentatively titled "More As the Story Develops" pilot just got the greenlight to be a new series

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The mastermind writer behind The Social Network and West Wing just earned himself a new HBO series. Aaron Sorkin's pilot about the world cable television, tentatively titled More As the Story Develops, just got the greenlight from the pay-to-play network. Sorkin's new show stars Jeff Daniels as the dashing anchor, Emily Mortimer as his executive producer, and nerd crush Olivia Munn in the newsroom. More As the Story Develops joins a stable of critically acclaimed shows like Game of Thrones and True Blood. This is all to say that if you haven't ponied up and paid the extra few bucks for HBO access, now you've got an Oscar-winning reason to do so. Not yet familiar with Sorkin? Read about Sorkin's media diet in an interview we ran recently. It's fun stuff.

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