'World's Prettiest Boy' Andrej Pejic Goes Bare Again

This week's New York profiles Adrej Pejic, who models both men's and women's clothes

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One of the hottest models in the fashion world works double duty on the men's and women's lines. He also regularly gets pursued by straight men who can't get past his gorgeous, feminine face, which sits under a shock of blond hair. This week's New York magazine profiles Andrej Pejic who, in this year's Fashion Week in New York, "modeled in five shows for men and four for women." The young Bosnian man who grew up in Australia graces one of four covers of the fall fashion issue, shirtless and pale, in a move that recalls May's controversy over a similar cover. At that time, Borders and Barnes & Noble reportedly tried to censor the cover of Dossier Journal, which featured a shirtless Pejic. "The picture can be misinterpreted as a girl as the model is young and it could be deemed as a naked female," Barnes & Noble reportedly told Dossier's distributor. No reports have come in of a similar flap over the New York cover.

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