There's No Johnny Depp Like Tipsy, Relaxed Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp returns to Hunter Thompson land for 'The Rum Diary'

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Even if you never quite hopped aboard the Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas party bus, there's something very pleasing about watching Johnny Depp go back into Hunter Thompson mode in the first trailer for The Rum Diary. After a decade of playing just-so pirate captains, chocolate factory owners, and mad hatters, who wouldn't want to play a tipsy, sun-baked Cold War journalist puttering around Old San Juan, spinning fancy telescopes, and consorting with beach bums, swells, and women who look like Betty Draper? This is why actors do franchises. So they can get the clout to then spend four years shepherding a semi-autobiographical Hunter Thompson novel to the screen. What a country.

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