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Here at The Atlantic Wire, we respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our jobs easier. Sometimes, though, we have no idea what they're talking about. So after a day of staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites.

Bionic dolphin + Morgan Freeman = inevitable box office GOLD than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

Possible. But we'd feel much more comfortable with that prediction if it was a remake of something. Like The Man With the Bionic Dolphin or The Bionic Dolphin Who Saved Pittsburgh. Something with name recognition.

Green Blog: Shocking Trout to Protect Them Aug 29 20:28:17 via The New York Times

The trout will be thanking the scientists for this when they're older and being caught by a wealthy fly fisherman vacationing in Montana.

Funny! Chatbots get in an argument when one claims to be a unicorn--WATCH: via @FutureTenseNowMon Aug 29 19:22:48 via SocialFlow

Another senseless chatbot spat that could have been averted with a simple Twitpic. For shame.

What happens when @Marvel comics meet dinosaurs? Meet The Avengersaurs. Aug 29 16:21:39 via HootSuite

We now know what's leading the July 4 weekend box office in 2018. Not The Avengersaurs movie. The Avengersaurs: Origins movie. That's where the money is.

Pineapple retweets cause offence Aug 29 19:08:29 via twitterfeed

If you read the story, the pineapple retweets sent by the former Nescastle borough councillor in question were fairly offensive. But still, "pineapple retweets"? Just say "retweets"!


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