Martha Stewart Takes to Twitter to Ask if She's a Hepcat

Looking for media buyers, the undisputed domestic queen wonders if she's hip with the kids.

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Martha Stewart went to her Twitter account Tuesday evening to test out a new marketing strategy. Stewart floated a question to her over 2 million followers: "Do you think I am hip?" The question was retweeted over 100 times, and the majority of the answers were overwhelmingly positive. Comedian Alex Blagg's answer is one of our favorites. Shortly after, she admitted it was for a marketing campaign, and assured worried followers her self-confidence is fine. "I know I am hip but do you?" Most reminded Stewart that she's been to jail, which gives her "street cred." Booklynites might find jail time intimidating, a detail that might better connect with Lil' Wayne, released from jail in November, or Snoop Dogg, who's done time before. She could shut down Brooklyn Flea, though, if she wanted to. If she ever set up a table.

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