Jon Stewart Sees Something Different About Fox's Megyn Kelly

Kelly's defense of maternity leave strikes The Daily Show host as inconsistent

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On Monday, Fox News host Megyn Kelly returned from maternity leave and called out her guest, radio talk show host Mike Gallagher, for deeming her leave a "racket" on his show while she was off the air. After noting that it was a "moronic thing to say," Kelly explained that both men and women are entitled to take a few months off with their newborn. She concluded: "What is it about getting pregnant and carrying a baby for nine months, that you don't think deserves a few months off so bonding and recovery can take place?" Gallagher backed off. Last night, Jon Stewart applauded Kelly's defense of maternity-leave policies, but then played it against her previous skepticism toward other government-mandated employee benefits. "This is the problem with entitlements, they're really only entitlements when they're something other people want," said Stewart. "When it's something you want, they're a hallmark of a society and foundation of a great people."

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