Jon Stewart on Debt Deal: What Happened to Increasing Revenues?

"You're not pinning this turd on us," The Daily Show host figured

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Last night, Jon Stewart played the clip of the president thanking Americans for their calls of compromise on the debt deal and responded: "you're not pinning this turd on us." Obama had promised that increased revenue would be part of the equation along with spending cuts. That didn't happen, said Stewart, who figured that the president could've included a debt ceiling raise in last December's Bush tax cut extensions. That way, "Republicans wouldn't have had a significant amount of leverage over the White House going into the deficit reduction negotiation." He then added: "But even a Jedi master strategist wouldn't have seen that coming." Cue the prescient-seeming clip of National Journal's Marc Ambinder quizzing the president on that very topic at a presser last December:


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