Faye Dunaway Might Get Evicted In New York

Her landlord is taking her to court over her rent-stabilized apartment

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Even movie stars have trouble with their landlords. Faye Dunaway, the major 1970s movie star, is being taken to court over her apartment in Manhattan, The New York Times reports. Her landlord is suing her, alleging that she doesn't live in her New York apartment that's protected by rent stabilization laws. She first signed the lease for the apartment in 1994 and is currently paying $1,048.72 in rent. The Times looked into how much the apartment would fetch on the open market and found the rent would almost double, to $2,318 a month. Dunaway's rent remains so low because of rent stabilization laws. Her landlord presented evidence that she no longer lives in the apartment, and that instead she lives in California:

As proof, the landlord, unnamed in court papers, states that Ms. Dunaway owns a home in West Hollywood, and has her voter and automobile registrations there. The suit also cites three moving violations she received in California from May 2009 to December 2010.

Dunaway's house in Hollywood isn't very glamorous, or at least, not what would be expected of the former diva.  "The home in California is a nice but not flashy house on which she still carries a mortgage, according to the lawsuit. Her car is a 2007 Toyota Corolla," the report says. Her apartment in New York is a six-story brick building with marble floors on East 78th Street. One neighbour wouldn't even open the door for the paper when they went asking if they had ever seen her. She did mention that she'd never met the famous person supposedly living beside her.

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