The Daily Beast Outs @CondeElevator as Lucky Magazine's Style Editor

Believe it or not, John Jannuzzi used to run social media at a public relations firm

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Jacob Bernstein and Isabel Wilkinson claim to have found the tweeter behind the @CondeElevator account:

Multiple sources tell The Daily Beast that the anonymous tweeter is John Jannuzzi, a style editor at Lucky Magazine who formerly ran social media operations at fashion public relations firm Starworks Group and maintains his own fashion blog and Twitter account. According to one source, Jannuzzi “flies under the radar because he is not particularly well known or senior,” and has a “knack for anony-tweeting.” Another source says that disciplinary actions are “about to unfold within Conde today or tomorrow.” When contacted for comment, Jannuzzi forwarded the e-mail to Lucky PR, who responded that corporate communications would follow up.

Who would've guessed he's be a former social media guy! And incidentally, who could've guessed that one of the journalists to unmask him would be none other than the son of Watergate legend Carl Bernstein. The young Bernstein also happened to unmask Deep Throat while at summer camp. That scoop seems to have been a bit more circumstantial, however.

Update: John Jannuzzi has denied any connection with the @CondeElevator account. As such, The Daily Beast issued this correction on their scoop:

Editor's Note: Today, John Jannuzzi posted on a Lucky Magazine blog saying that he is not the person behind the Twitter account @condeelevator. Upon review of the sources behind the update below, by Isabel Wilkinson, The Daily Beast overstated the likelihood that Jannuzzi was behind the feed. We regret publishing the update.

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