William Shatner Was Briefly Kicked Off Google+

The actor's page was apparently reported as spam

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William Shatner, the actor, writer, musician, travel Web site hawker, and all-around likable guy, is apparently not so popular with Google+. At least, he wasn't earlier this morning, when his brand new profile on the beta site was blocked. It's back now, so no need to panic if you thought you had lost him as a friend. But the brief disappearance brings up a foible with the site that Google will probably want to work out before it takes its Facebook rival out of beta: Programmer Florian Rohrweck suggests the Shat's page got taken down because too many people reported it as a fake. Rohweck proposed a monitoring system for those who use the flag function too liberally. "If someone reports too many profiles, he should be checked too and which profiles he or she reports. If he's obviously trolling, he gets a warning. If he continues, he gets kicked. If he reports real spambots, he should get a cookie."

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