What We Know About Sunday's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Premiere

A spoiler-heavy look ahead at the eighth season of Larry David's HBO comedy

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What can viewers expect from the eighth season of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, which premieres Sunday on HBO? We've combed through interviews, trailers and reviews to assemble a spoiler-heavy primer for the new season. Here are the key places, plot points and lines of dialogue we turned up.

  • New York - starting in episode five, the setting of this year's season. We knew the show would be set in New York after watching Larry steal a cab in the first trailer (embedded below), but didn't know when the move would happen until New York magazine's Vulture blog let it slip in a new interview with co-star Susie Essman.

  • $3,000 - amount Larry says it would take for him to see Eat, Pray, Love.
  • Girl Scout cookies - item Larry purchases and then attempts to unpurchase from the daughter of a sports team owner in the season premiere.
  • Bread - foodstuff Larry can't believe Ricky Gervais doesn't like.

  • "Chat and cut" - the practice of pretending to be talking to someone in order to cut ahead in a line and, in the estimation of Entertainment Weekly, a catchphrase that "could very well be the new 'double dip'."
  • The last season - what Larry David swears every season--including, presumably, this one--is, until he changes his mind. Essman explained the process to Vulture:

    "Well, after every season, Larry says, 'That’s it, I’m not doing another season.' After every season. And then he’ll finish editing, and the show will air, and then I’ll get a call, and he’ll say, “I’m not promising anything, but I am letting you know I’m working on a couple of outlines. But until I get at least eight outlines, I’m not promising. I’m just letting you know I’m working on it.” And then another couple of months later I’ll get another phone call: 'I’m still not promising anything.” And then finally he’ll call me and say, 'All right, we’re doing it.' So, you know, every season he says that, and we’re the longest-running series on HBO."

  • A Palestinian restaurant in Westwood - eatery that drives the plot of the season's third episode, which Variety's Brian Lowry calls an "instant classic." That's the same episode where Larry objects to one of his golf buddies embracing Orthodox Judaism, because it threatens their Saturday game.
  • "Social assassin" - what someone calls Larry in a third episode subplot. According to Lowry, its "a description he wears as a badge of honor.
  • "Pig parker" - what Larry calls a man whose car is taking up more multiple parking spots.
  • Periscope - object affixed to an undersized car rented by Larry and Jeff Garlin in the new season. Leads to the pair "driving around New York, shouting," according James Parker in this month's issue of The Atlantic.
  • Veterinarian - occupation of man Larry offends with the question, "In veterinary school, do you tend to focus more on the dog, let’s say, than the cow?"
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