Jon Stewart Thinks Mark Halperin's Gaffe Was Simply Amazing

He nominates MSNBC's Willie Geist as the nation's official apology chaperone

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Jon Stewart kick-started last night's Daily Show with a clip he deemed "maybe one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life." He then disappointingly aired yesterday's Morning Joe Mark Halperin segment where the Time editor called the president "kind of a dick." Stewart didn't dive into Halperin's subsequent suspension. Instead he found himself mystified by the person, Willie Geist, situated next to the pundit during his uncomfortable apology. "Look at Willie's face during this apology," Stewart laughed. "It is a perfect mix of disappointment, it has a dash of sadness, a smidgen of disbelief." Cue the photoshop montage of Geist sitting next to Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton and Kanye West during their apologies:

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