Sockless Picasso Pilferer Arrested in San Francisco

Police say they've arrested the man who casually took a sketch off a gallery wall

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San Francisco police say they've nabbed a New Jersey man in connection with the theft of a $200,000 Picasso sketch in broad daylight from an art gallery in San Francisco on Tuesday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Police Chief Greg Suhr announced today that the 30-year-old suspect, Mark Lugo of Hoboken, N.J., arrived in San Francisco on the Fourth of July and was arrested at a friend's house in Napa last night. The police believe Lugo (pictured in a police handout above), whose only criminal history is an alcohol-related arrest, wanted to ship the artwork to an unknown party. He's being charged with suspicion of burglary, theft, possession of stolen property, and--interestingly enough--drug possession. On Thursday, Investigators showed off the recovered artwork, which was missing its frame when it was found in Lugo's possession:

Officials say the thief, whose distinguishing characteristic was wearing loafers and no socks, snatched the piece--a 1965 pencil-on-paper drawing titled "Tete de Femme"--a little before noon on Tuesday and then fled to a waiting taxi. A surveillance camera at a nearby restaurant captured a man the police say is Lugo casually carrying framed artwork under his arm (he comes in 12 seconds into the clip):

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