MSNBC Nixes Chris Matthews's Sorkin Cameo; Daniel Craig's Excited

Plus: some info for die-hard Oasis fans

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Chris Matthews won't be appearing on Aaron Sorkin's new HBO show,"Clark Rockefeller" is sent to California to face murder charges, and Natalie Portman's baby has a name.

  • A planned cameo by Chris Matthews on More As This Story Develops, writer Aaron Sorkin's upcoming HBO series set behind-the-scenes at a cable news network, is off after MSNBC executives "nixed" the plan. Reportedly, his big scene would have been "a roundtable debate scene...alongside conservative  muckracker/ Weiner-eater Andrew Breitbart." [Vulture]
  • Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, the German impostor who once posed as a ficticious member of the Rockefeller family (and inspired a better-than-average Lifetime TV movie starring Dylan McDermott), has been extradicted from Massachusetts to California "to face a murder charge" stemming from the 1985 death of his landlord. Los Angeles prosecutors charged Gerhartsreiter back in March and he'll be arraigned Friday. He's currently serving a five year sentence in Massachusetts for kidnapping and assault. [Daily Intel]
  • Los Angeles Lakers defensive stopper and bicoastal-character-of-note Ron Artest "insisted" Sunday that revelers at Juliet's Supper Club in Manhattan address him as Metta World Peace. Artest petitioned Los Angeles Superior Court for the name change last month. One clubgoer insists that Artest told her his new name is actually Greater World Peace, which is just silly. [Gatecrasher]
  • Noel Gallagher is opening up on why he quit Oasis two years ago. Not surprisingly, it was the result a backstage brawl with brother and bandmate Liam in August 2009, just before a concert in Paris. "There was all this to-ing and fro-ing and Liam was doing all the 'f--k you… f--k you… f--k you' before storming out of the dressing room... On the way out [Liam] picked up a plum and he threw it across the dressing room and it smashed against the wall," explains Noel. The brothers haven't spoken or performed together since. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • CBS News may soon try out the "set-swap trick" to spark viewer interest in the Early Show, part of "a last-ditch effort to raise the morning show's anemic ratings before possibly replacing anchors Marysol Castro, Chris Wragge, Erica Hill and Jeff Glor. Insiders says the possible change would move the set "from its Fifth Avenue studio near the Plaza Hotel to the West 57th Street broadcast center." [Page Six]
  • Daniel Craig isn't trying to manage expectations when it comes to David Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo adaptation. In a new interview with Esquire, he mentions the film in the same breath as The Godfather. "It's as adult as you can possibly make it," enthused Craig. "This is adult drama. I grew up, as we fucking all did, watching The Godfather and that, movies that were made for adults. And this is a $100 million R-rated movie. Nobody makes those anymore." [Esquire]
  • Following his show cancellation, ormer New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer needs a new gig today, something that can't be said of his succesor David Paterson, who will teach New York University freshman a course entitled 'The Art of Governing' this coming fall semester. [Runnin' Scared]
  • Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millepied have reportedly named their newborn son Alef "after the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet." US goes on to note that the name "represents the 'oneness of God' and the element of air." [US]
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