Keith Olbermann's Audience Tumbles 29% in Second Week

A natural drop-off in curiosity and the July Fourth holiday weekend are blamed

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A week after Keith Olbermann's Countdown with Keith Olbermann premiered on Current TV, trouncing CNN in the time slot and leading reviewers to conclude that the new Countdown was very much like the old Countdown, the show attracted an average of 93,000 viewers in its target 25-54 demographic, down 29 percent from the first week, and 253,000 total viewers, down 28.5 percent from the first week, according to Deadline.

Before we declare the new Countdown a failure, however, it's important to note several caveats. First, as Deadline points out, the show's ratings were bound to slip as curiosity and hype died down and pool took July Fourth vacations. What's more, Olbermann is still attracting over six times more viewers than Current was attracting in the time slot before his arrival. And, like any new show, Countdown is still finding its voice and working out kinks.

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