Jon Stewart Gives Up on Twitter Punditry

The Daily Show levels the playing field between random Twitter users and TV pundits

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You know those annoying segments when cable news hosts recite random comments from Twitter users on their show?  Jon Stewart doesn't seem to like those either. Last night, in a segment on The Daily Show noting the inane Twitter handles and professional pundits, Stewart said he's had enough: "I want to get my news from news people, not random people with an AOL Account. This way the facts can be vetted and processed with proper journalistic integrity and authority." And then he rolled the clip, which we won't spoil, humorously undermining his own statement. Sidenote: one beneficiary from the segment, as Peter Kafka noted this morning, was @ladybigmac, one of the random cable-news-commenting Twitter handles Stewart featured. That account added over 1,000 new followers overnight.

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