Jon Stewart Calls 'Out' Marcus Bachmann

Stewart compares Rep's husband to Cam from Modern Family

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Jon Stewart could hardly contain himself while calling Marcus Bachmann's views on homosexuality into question on Wednesday night's Daily Show. Stewart mocked Michele Bachmann's husband's dance moves in a video compilation that highlighted certain inflections in Bachmann's voice and tore apart a quote where he called gays "barbarians." Bachmann's dancing is a touch flamboyant, Travolta in Pulp Fiction he is not. Stewart called Bachmann "an Izod shirt away from being the gay character on Modern Family." Jerry Seinfeld joined in on the fun in the next segment and said Bachmann "calls Top Gun 'That Volleyball Movie'" and goes for the classic "Richard Simmons even told him to 'tone it down.'" Stewart got the last laugh when he said that Bachmann "shits Pinkberry."

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