Get a Taste of the Sarah Palin Movie

A trailer for the most unreal summer blockbuster is here

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The Undefeated is the movie about Sarah Palin's life that you never knew you wanted. We first previewed the movie, directed by Stephen K. Bannon, at the end of May. The film is set to open next Friday, July 15, according to the IMDB page, and the first teaser trailer was released Thursday. The movie seems to portray Palin as a juggernaut that no one can stop. When the film was originally profiled,  questions of a presidential campaign were at the very forefront, but after the latest round of fundraising was turned in she could hardly muster a passing mention. At the premiere screening of the film in Iowa, Palin said she was "still thinking about," a presidential campaign. A theory could be that she has been waiting for the movie to come out in order to drum up extra interest in her campaign, hoping to use the film as to remind us of all the great things that she's done. It would have been a good idea to consult with someone on the wider release date though. The pro-Palin picture is going head-to-head with the final Harry Potter movie next Friday.

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