Liz Taylor's House Sells; Disco Soiree in Montenegro

Plus: Jason Sudeikis goes 'Eastbound & Down'

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Nat Rothschild's destination 40th birthday party, Rudy Giuliani won't commit to a White House run in Australia, and Zeke Emanuel vanquishes Lance Armstrong.

  • If you're one of the 400 people in Montenegro this weekend for the multi-day 40th birthday bonanza for Nat Rothschild ("the banking dynasty scion who's been linked to Natalie Portman"), you've been warned: the dress code for tonight's "Nat's Disco Soiree" is "disco chic." Plan accordingly. [Page Six]
  • An unnamed buyer has purchased the late Elizabeth Taylor's 7,000-square-foot, four bedroom Bel Air house. The asking price was $8.6 million. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Jason Sudeikis will have a recurring role on the upcoming third season of HBO's Eastbound & Down. That's about all we know, but any Kenny Powers news is good Kenny Powers news. [Vulture and Variety
  • Big Hollywood editor and John Nolte is leaving Los Angeles for North Carolina. Nolte cited his desire not to live in a city that's "a dump with a 10% sales tax where light bulbs are contraband the seasons change from hot to scalding and throwing your garbage in the wrong bin ranks as something close to a capital crime" as one of the reasons for the move. [Big Hollywood]
  • Even in the Southern hemisphere, Rudy Giuliani is uncommitted about a 2012 presidential bid. Yesterday at the Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Brisbane, he told the audience it was "too early to tell" if he was going to run for the White House. [VF Daily]
  • Zeke Emanuel beat Lance Armstrong in a five-mile race last weekend in Aspen. The NIH Department of Bioethics chair and Atlantic contributor finished 750, while Armstrong came in 950. [Playbook]
  • Is Ryan Phillippe the father of the baby girl ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp gave birth to last week? Possibly. One source close to the actor says he's "known since the beginning that he's the dad" and is "not taking a paternity test." The pair split up in September, but Phillipe was "at her side" during the delivery last Friday. [US]
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