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Here at The Atlantic Wire, we respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our jobs easier. Sometimes, though, we have no idea what they're talking about. So after a day of staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites.

From the Guardian: Agatha Christie's surfing secret revealed than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

If you're anything like us, you cheated and skipped right to the end. Spoiler alert: she used a shortened longboard.

The new rules for restaurant reviews—There are no rules (This is not a review of @Graffiato) than a minute ago via CoTweet Favorite Retweet Reply

Also: Up is down, black is white, the salad fork is on your right, red wine goes with seafood, and the buffet comes with soup.

A decade of war hasn’t done much good for the country, but it sure has been good for the Red Sox. than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Don't blame the Red Sox. They earned that no-bid contract to put out oil well fires in Iraq fair and sqaure.

To which we say, it's about time. These loud maniacs have coarsened our politics and hosted our primetime cable news shows for too long.

For all the shenanigans involving the 112th Congress, nobody's had to resign in disgrace so far because of an eccentric straddling scandal. But there's still time.

Move over, Spaghetti Western! Here is a Cereal Western. About Marshall McLuhan. (via @jonathanstray) than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

Quentin Tarantino didn't want to make that three-part, Cantonese-language Marshall McLuhan biopic anyway.

Damn you, age of austerity!

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