'Twilight' Actor's Parody Detector Is Better Than Rachel Maddow's

An actor from the Twilight series stumbles upon a story by ChristWire.org

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Remember the satirical website that tricked Rachel Maddow into thinking that right-wing Christians wanted Sarah Palin to lead a U.S. invasion into Egypt? Well the pretend evangelicals at ChristWire.org have struck again, confusing Twilight actor Billy Burke into (momentarily) thinking the website represents an authentic Christian web forum.

The hoax began on Friday when ChristWire published a scathing film review of Twilight's upcoming installment: Breaking Dawn. "Parents, there is nothing moral about this series," warned ChristWire contributor Abe. "Hollywood producers have ran a lie campaign, telling parents that it is safe to let your child go to the theater and watch this program. They lie like a rug and I have the proof!" The writer proceeds to discuss the leaked photos depicting a sex scene between the characters played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Needless to say, ChristWire condemns the film, just as it has condemned every other pop culture phenomenon from Harry Potter to Dora the Explorer (It's a hallmark of their trolling strategy). Under its rating system, the film was labeled "S" for sinister due to "sex scenes and vampire baby blood orgies." The review went largely unnoticed until yesterday.

Enter: Billy Burke, the real-life person who plays the father figure "Charlie Swan" in Twilight. Showing a little more discretion than Maddow, The Huffington Post, NBC, and Howard Stern , who all re-reported ChristWire stories as fact, Burke alerted his Twitter followers to this very strange film review he saw on the Internet:

Then, a few hours later, Burke discovers the truth about ChristWire, tweeting:

This Twitter reference is the second win for ChristWire's founders Bryan Butvidas and Kirwin Watson this week. Today, LA Weekly hailed their site as the "Best Comedy Blog" on the Internet. In an e-mail message from Butvidas, the online prankster sounded pretty upbeat. "On my way to LA to go pick up the award and then come back and deny it on the site." And the hoax lives on!

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