Obama Impersonator Finishes His Controversial Act for Bill Maher

Hear the Michele Bachmann joke that the Republican Conference cut off

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When we last left professional Obama impersonator Reggie Brown, he was being escorted off the stage at the Republican Leadership Conference, possibly for his "racially-tinged" jokes about the prsident, possibly for taking aim at GOP candidates, or, according to him, just for running over his allotted time. In any event, the rest of his performance was lost to us, right as he began to make a Michele Bachmann joke.

But if you've been dying to know what that joke was, you're in luck: Bill Maher invited him on his show last night to "finish what he started," Maher said. In full character, Brown emerged. "As I was saying," he began, and launched right into it: "Michele Bachmann. And you thought black women were scary.” And off he goes, not merely as politically incorrect as he was before -- but much, much more so. Mediaite writes that "One wonders whether this was Brown’s act all along or if he sharped the jokes up a bit now that he had been censored." After hearing his synopsis of the GOP 2012 field -- "You got a crazy woman, a fat blowhard, three interchangeable pencil necks, two Mormons, and the Black guy from Ghostbusters" -- we're guessing (hoping?) that some rewriting occurred between then and now.

Video (courtesy of HBO, via Mediate) is below.

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