O'Reilly's Personal Life; Vieria Looking to Sleep In

Plus: Frances McDormand has no patience for cell phones

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  • Are Bill O'Reilly and his wife living in seperate houses? Consider this: "about a year ago" O'Reilly wife Maureen bought a Manhasset, NY house "just down the street...a half mile away" from the one she and O'Reilly and their kids have lived in since 2002. Maureen is listed as the sole owner of the new house under her maiden name. "Bill O'Reilly, on the other hand, continues to be listed as the sole owner of the old place." Now there are perfectly innocuous reasons this could be happening. The O'Reilly's may have "recently moved, or is in the process of moving, down the street." Or they bought the new house under her name "to hide from gawkers,...Another [possibility] is that McPhilmy purchased the new home for somebody else--an elderly family member, maybe." Apparently unafraid of a falafel-loofah meme renaissance, Fox didn't respond to two requests for comment [Gawker]
  • Billy Bob Thornton's estranged daughter, Amanda Brumfield, was convicted of aggravated manslaughter after her 1-year-old goddaughter died in her care in 2008. Thornton and Brumfeld were "pretty much strangers," according to Thornton, until briefly reuniting in 2005. [People]
  • John Quittner, one of the "pioneering digital journalists at Time Inc," is leaving to join Palo Alto start-up Flipboard as creative director. At Time, Quittner "served as director of digital editorial development for the news, sports and business magazines [and] had been one of the players involved in the sometimes tedious negotiations with Apple, Next Issue Media and various Android platforms developing tablet editions of Time Inc. titles." He says the decision was voluntary. No replacement has been named. [New York Post]
  • Why did Meredith Vieria depart Today? So she could sleep late, of course. "I'd rather absorb the material, read it thoroughly, feed the cats and dog, get the kitchen in order," she explained to People in an interview that's not online yet. " have to leave the mother's manual for everything. I need to feel on top of the day, and the only way I can do that is by getting up at 2:30 a.m. I always thought, if I could've figured out a way to cut corners a little bit, it would've been easier, but I couldn't." [Los Angeles Times]
  • If you going to see a play with Frances McDormand, make sure your cell phone is off. During the climax of her new Broadway show Good People, a phone went off in the balcony, and the audience member took the call. "Hello." McDormand told her "sternly" as she stood on-stage, "When you're done, we'll resume." [Page Six]
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