The Onion Would Like Its Pulitzer Prize Now

The satirical news source has brought in Tom Hanks and Arianna Huffington to lobby

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This month, satirical news-source The Onion has decided to publish what its editors think is its 1000th issue (the line is they "aren't sure"). And so they've planned a multimedia campaign surrounding a fictitious watchdog group that "won't rest until The Onion wins a Pulitzer Prize." It's pretty good: so far, they've enlisted Tom Hanks, Arianna Huffington, and others to film faux lobbying videos chastising the "mysterious cabal" of those who give out the awards. The latest developments look to appear on the campaign's Tumblr, and on a special website feature boasting an award-baiting article.

Celebrity endorsements aside, our favorite part of this campaign so far has to be The New York Times straight-laced coverage. The newspaper, who last fall placed a photoshopped Onion image of a bare-chested, tattooed Joe Biden on its highly-trafficked homepage, clearly enjoys being in on the joke as much as possible:

The Onion is also asking “concerned citizens” to sign a form letter and “mail it to the pieces of garbage” at the actual Pulitzer board office at Columbia. The letter’s salutation doesn’t lack for subtlety. “You Ignorant, Negligent Swine,” it begins.

And Arianna's lobbyist video:

And Tom Hanks' mock-outrage send-up:

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