What to Read if You Want to Revel in LeBron James's Defeat

Haters, today's your day

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Admit it: your team lost so long ago that the only thing that made the NBA playoffs bearable was vehemently rooting against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. And last night, as a team-full of Dallas Maverick underdogs hoisted the championship trophy, all you were doing was dancing on the grave of the 'Superfriends' and gleefully awaiting to see how The King would be treated in this season's post-mortems.

Well, today's your day. Like every other year he hasn't won a title, no one is giving LeBron James a pass--especially after any "hater" can play back that infamous YouTube clip of LeBron boasting he was going to win 7+ championships and that childish video of his mocking Dirk Nowitzki for being sick. So, for all the Miami Heat haters, here's a mini-guide to the best places to revel in LeBron schadenfreude. Enjoy, until next year (or maybe the year after):

  • Dan Gilbert's Twitter feed - The owner of the forsaken Cleveland Cavaliers (and he of Comic Sans screed fame) reactivated his LeBron-bashing on Twitter immediately after the Mavericks won the championship. "Old Lesson for all: There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE," he wrote last night in a pointed reference to his previous refrain that LeBron took the easy way out by ditching his hometown.
  • LeBron James' Ego's Twitter Feed - Over 30,000 people follow LeBron's all-caps fake alter-ego feed for one reason: the person who runs the account has an uncanny knack for skewering the star's unabashedly un-self-aware public persona. Last night's tweet: "YET ANOTHER GREAT SEASON YOU'RE WELCOME."
  • Adrian Wojnarowski's Columns - Ever since the endlessly derided 'Decision' ESPN broadcast, The Yahoo! Sports columnist has been arguably the most zealous chronicler of LeBron James's messaging flaws. Here's a snippet of his first article since LeBron missed his chance at another championship, and how the basketball player came off at his press conference:

To hear James suggest that the world will have to return to its sad, little ordinary lives and he’ll still get to be LeBron James late Sunday night was a window into his warped, fragile psyche. It was sad, and portends to how disconnected to the world he truly is.

  • This Three Part Series Entitled 'Why I Want LeBron To Fail (Forever)' - A lengthy guest post on "Cavs: the blog" was written presumably by a die-hard Cleveland Cavaliers fan who's still trying to grapple with the consequences of the televised betrayal of 'The Decision':

I felt rejected, betrayed, and those feelings quickly gave way to embarrassment and shame....Someone that, at his core, could literally not care less about what I thought of him.  Someone who’s “fans” existed solely to elevate his already incredible ego – disposable fans.  It was the ultimate disrespect.  In one instant I knew that I would always root against LeBron.

  • This Esquire Post: 'LeBron James Is a Loser' - You can't really get any harsher (publishable) attacks than this simply-titled season-ending post by (another spurned Cavs fan) Scott Raab at the men's magazine:

Because, finally, it was LeBron who, when it came time to put up or shut up, lacked the sack and the grace to do either. Today, like every day, he'll wake up nothing but a loser.

  • Anything That LeBron James Says especially the next few weeks - Unfortunately, after repeated criticisms from the media about not coming through in the fourth quarter of the Finals (not to mention his disappearance last season in the second round against the Celtics), LeBron has become a tad defensive. Here's his not particularly subtle or gracious remark to his NBA haters at the press conference after game 6:

"At the end of the day, all the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today," James said. "They have the same personal problems they had today. I'm going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that."

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