No, Lady Gaga Is Not Friends with Marxist Philosopher Slavoj Žižek

A story on collaboration between the two has been discredited

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It's true, Lady Gaga's antics on and off the stage are often hard to believe. Sometimes, though, you really shouldn't believe them.

On Monday, The New York Post, citing unnamed sources, reported that Gaga had developed a "strong friendship"--and perhaps more (wink, wink)--with the Slovenian Marxist/Lacanian/Hegelian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, whom she'd spent time discussing "feminism and collective human creativity" with while touring the U.K. and U.S. this spring. As evidence, the Post cited a "recent blog post" (below) on the site of the ultra-leftist Deterritorial Support Grouppppp (our computer key didn't stick, they actually spell it that way). In the post, Žižek announces that Gaga will be joining him at a strike by university lecturers in London and praises the pop star's infamous meat dress, which evoked "the consistent linking in the oppressive imaginary of the patriarchy of the female body and meat." Several news outlets picked up the news.

Just a few problems with the story. First, the "recent blog post" was from March 21, which doesn't exactly qualify as recent. Also, Žižek told the Post that he never wrote the piece. "I am terribly sorry to disappoint you," he explained, "but this is all a fake! The only thing I share with her is the support for the strike." What's more, the link trail in the blog post led to a Facebook page announcing that Gaga and Žižek would appear together at the strike--something which, judging by the comments on the page, didn't happen. "P-p-picket line..well nice stunt.." one person wrote.

That's not all. The blog post didn't even sound like Žižek. As the blog ArtInfo wrote, "To anyone familiar with Žižek's work, the post is pretty transparently fake (the anarchist politics implied in it are out of line with Žižek's particular brand of Marxism, he quotes feminist-vegan philosophers rather than his usual Hegel and Lacan, and it's not really very funny, to boot)." So why the hoax? The blog Left Eye on Books claims the members of the Deterritorial Support Grouppppp are "anarchist theorists" who want to sully Žižek's reputation since they consider him a "rigid Marxist." Lady Gaga, it seems, was simply caught in the intellectual crossfire. (By the way, Žižek actually is friendly with Julian Assange.)

But that doesn't mean we can't dream, right? The damning revelations haven't stopped Margaret Wappler at the Los Angeles Times from imagining the odd couple together:

Lady Gaga and Slavjo Žižek are watching the sunset together when Gaga says, "You know what I think of cinema?" "That it's the ultimate perverse art?" Žižek offers. She tenderly nods at him. "You always know just what I'm thinking."

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