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Julie Taymor Goes to Court, HBO's WikiLeaks Movie Staffs Up

Plus: the former Hollywood agent who couldn't abide New York's elevators

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Julie Taymor wants her back wages, Jim Hiatt has a short stay in New York, and Kanye's burger empire goes bellyup

  • Ousted Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark director Julie Taymor has been grumbling for weeks now that the show's producers owe her six months back pay. Now she's going to court for it, filing an arbitration claim against the musical's producers through the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the claim says Taymor is still owed "about $300,000 in royalties" from the six months prior to her March exit as director. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • HBO is pulling away in the race to deliver the first WikiLeaks movie.The cable network has reportedly hired Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy to produce the original film based on Raffi Khatchadourian's 2010 New Yorker article about Julian Assange, first announced in January. With director Charles Ferguson and screenwriter Rowan Joffe have already signed on, HBO is well-positioned to "beat to the screen the myriad WikiLeaks features that are in the works, including one at DreamWorks, which also is in active development." [Deadline]
  • When last we heard from former William Morris agent and AOL adviser Jim Wiatt, he was leaving Los Angeles and moving to New York. That apparently didn't take. Wiatt, who "hates high-rises and, according to sources, has a phobia of elevators," was in Manhattan "for just 24 hours" before deciding to move back west last year. Wiatt's former WMA colleague says Wiatt hated elevators so much that he "would walk up 10 or 12 flights, do whatever he had to do, then leave for the day so he would not have to come back up," was even willing to attempt apartment living. A source mused, "You would have thought he'd have considered elevators before deciding to move." [ Page Six]
  • Why did Vanity Fair contributing editor Vicky Ward write that tell-all account of her split from publisher Matthew Doull--in which she accused him, among other things, of having an affair with 23-year-old Vogue accessories editor Selby Drummond--in the Daily Mail last month? For the money, she says. She defended her decision in an interview with the Globe and Mail. "So the Mail is saying, 'We'll wire you the money [£5,000] into your bank account' at the exact moment that he stopped paying [for nannies]. That’s the only reason I did it. I wrote it on Friday morning in two hours. It was a lot of money and I needed to not turn this woman out on the street." [The Globe and Mail]
  • It looks like Kanye West is cutting-and-running on the burger wars. The rapper signed a deal with chain Fatburger in 2007 to open ten locations, but the deal's already been "dissolved," and the two Chicago-area franchises owned by West have been either "shuttered" or "bought back" by the chain. [Page Six]
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