Jon Stewart Keeps Parsing Chris Wallace's Words

The never-ending media criticism debate between Stewart and Wallace rages on

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When Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News Sunday two weekends ago, we thought he and Chris Wallace would be having one of those "Does FOX manipulate the news or just present things with a rightward tilt?" debates. And they did, although it was more substantive than that. The trouble is, they haven't stopped over the ensuing eight days. On Sunday, Wallace followed-up on the Stewart show by saying he wished he used the words "the full side of the story" rather than "the other side of the story" to describe what the networks gives its viewers. In context, it was a small distinction (and less noteworthy than Wallace's apparent admission the network is fashioned as a "counterweight" to MSNBC's liberalism), but one Stewart took issue with on The Daily Show last night with lots of charts, binders, and mock outrage.

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