Jon Stewart Understands Anthony Weiner Less Every Day

He spent nine minutes on last night's 'Daily Show' on the subject

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Maybe it was a mistake to call Jon Stewart and Rep. Anthony Weiner "friends." All they did was live in the same house at Dewey Beach the summer after college graduation. What percentage of non-famous people like their first roommate after graduation? Maybe 15 percent. It's also not like they've done anything in recent years to create the impression they're pals. In 2009, Weiner told City Picker that cynicism about politics "exists because of Jon’s show...I think there becomes a feedback loop that’s corrosive. Congressmen do dumb things, yes, then are highlighted for doing dumb things, and highlighted some more, and people watch it and say that congressmen do dumb things."

Weiner's dumb thing (sorry, dumb "prank") has been well-covered this week, but that didn't stop Stewart from spending nine minutes rehashing it last night. Tonally, it felt like a mixture of genuine disappointment and one last twist of the knife for a guy he didn't like in college. The line "I’m no big city detective, but why don’t you just check inside your pants, where I believe you keep the item in question?" has us thinking the latter, but you tell us.

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