Jon Stewart: Roger Ailes Won't Let Palin Talk to Media

The Daily Show host aired his semi-sarcastic theory about Palin's bus tour

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After a week layoff, Jon Stewart is back. And he's not impressed with Sarah Palin's meandering "One Nation" bus tour. Putting it in perspective, he dug up Greta Van Susteren's blog post explaining why the ex-governor wouldn't speak to the media: "She works for Fox, and just as with any employ or someone on contract with another network, she is contractually obliged NOT to speak to others." To which the Daily Show host incredulously responded: "So really Sarah Palin's full answer to why she isn't talking to the press should be 1) I'm an unconventional maverick...and 2) [Fox News chief] Roger Ailes will not let me." Watch below:

Even though the clip was ostensibly about Palin's bus tour, we still thought the most cutting remark came at the expense of Tim Pawlenty: "By the way, why the Palin obsession?" Stewart asked. "Tim Pawlenty and his family have hopped in his custom-made lose-abego."  Pictured below:

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