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Jon Stewart Does a Lot of Goofy Voices on The Daily Show

He's willing to mock regardless of race, color, creed or national origin

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The on-going feud between Jon Stewart and Fox News over perceived political biases in the other has ensnared longshot Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, who said Stewart's recent use of an over-the-top, silly voice to mock his chances of securing the nomination was somehow racially motivated. FOX personalities quickly picked up on Cain's comments, with Bernard Goldberg accusing Stewart of doing "his Amos 'n' Andy routine" to take down a black conservative.

Which makes no sense, as Stewart explained on The Daily Show last night, because he comically exaggerates the voices of newsmakers across a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. Stewart even had his staff put together a montage of his most notable forays into ethnic humor. It was funny, and we're not sure how Fox is going to get a fourth day of stories out of this, but you have to think they'll try. Perhaps Stewart will be be a good sport and say something impolitic about the inevitable sobbing on the Glenn Beck send-off.

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