Jon Stewart Also Perplexed by John King's GOP Debate Questions

Presidential debate or game show?

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Did you see the Republican presidential debate on CNN the other night? It was the one where Michele Bachmann did really well, Tim Pawlenty refused to say Oromneycare, and moderator John King insisted on asking questions in a format most people have called 'this-or-that'. (At The Atlantic Wire, we prefer our description from Monday's debate live-blog. "Do you like this thing or that?")

Jon Stewart wasn't thrilled with the format either (it was like watching "America's most patriotic game show"), but he was particularly peeved with King for pushing CNN's multimedia coverage of the debate: "So you're suggesting that while I'm watching this debate I should get out my phone and take a picture of the screen, launching a mobile device Internet browser to bring me to another screen filled with exclusive content deemed not good enough to put on your 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, why-don't-you-text-us-to-vote-on-what-story-you-want-to-see, lazy Susan of stupid [expletive.]"

At which point the debate/game show began: categories included the "baby-off" and the "pro-life battle"

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