Jon Stewart Is Very Sorry for Monday's Daily Show

With adequate preparation, Jon Stewart gives Weinergate his all

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Even the most devoted Daily Show viewers seem to agree that Monday's show following Rep. Anthony Weiner's 27-minute, apology-filled press conference was The Godfather III of Jon Stewart's otherwise pitch-perfect Weinergate coverage. The toothless jokes made some in the media wonder if Stewart was giving his old Dewey Beach housemate a pass, but as we noted yesterday, time constraints probably had more to do with the material not coming together. Weiner's Monday press conference concluded around 5 p.m., leaving writers just 75 minutes before taping began to come up with a new opening, ultimately delaying taping by a half hour.

With a whole day of preparation, Stewart returned to the air last night with a mock press conference to both offer a mea culpa for Monday's less-than-terrific performance and make pretty much every outstanding Weiner-related joke the show's writers could think of. For this last part (which starts in the second clip), he enlisted the help of correspondent John Oliver, which was a good thing, because Stewart sliced his hand open in the middle of the skit and was bleeding pretty heavily. Also, Oliver's British, which make his Weiner double entrendre both more amusing and somehow more sophisticated.

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