John Galliano on Trial: 'No Recollection' of Anti-Semitic Remarks

The defense's case is resting on his "triple addiction" as a way escape conviction

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Former Christian Dior designer John Galliano's trial over his anti-Semitic slurs finally begins in France today. His defense? He "has no recollection" of the evening in which he ranted at a Paris bar and blurted things like "I love Hitler." Lawyers for Galliano indicated that they were planning a defense that, as the Telegraph relays, relied on his "triple addiction" to "Valium, alcohol and sleeping pills" to contextualize the remarks. And at the trial the designer did just that, insisting multiple times-according to the British paper's live blog--that "I don’t remember any insults and how the situation degenerated." If convicted, Galliano could face a penalty of six months in jail and a $30,000+ fine, CNN relayed.

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