Jane Lynch Heckles News Corp at News Corp

Shots at The Daily, Glenn Beck, and, yes, Sarah Palin abound

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Amidst a slew of harmless corporate jokes at News Corp's D9 tech conference, actress-comedian Jane Lynch got in a few brief hits at the Rupert Murdoch empire as she took the podium as "acting chairman." Namely, the Glee star plans to use her powers to shut down the iPad newspaper, The Daily, ("Never heard of it, never seen it, so clearly I'll be shuttering that down"), put comics in the Wall Street Journal and take digs at the two easiest targets on the Fox News payroll: Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Lynch deemed Palin "Batsh-t crazy" and said that Beck could have one final gig as "a dying patient on House." Watch below:

All the jokes got a polite amount of chuckles from the crowd, but we're guessing that Murdoch won't rush to extend any more offers to the actress. A shame, because News Corp. engineered a nice Wall Street Journal-esqe black and white columnist head shot for her:

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