Jane Lynch Will Be Hosting This Year's Emmy Awards

The Glee actress is in demand

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So, it turns out Jane Lynch's hosting days will not be prematurely ended by heckling News Corp at News Corp: she's just been announced as the emcee of this year's Emmy awards. The Glee star had previously been in talks to host the show, but it was unclear whether or not she would be hosting it alone or paired with another star. It looks likes she'll be going it alone, as Fox's press release clarifies:

"Jane was my first – and only – choice as the host for this year’s Primetime Emmys, and I am glad she said ‘yes,'" said executive producer Mark Burnett. "She has incredible comedic timing, and is a charismatic, talented actress whose energy leaps off the screen and stage. I am thrilled and excited to have her as our host."

All true, particularly the "comedic timing" part--as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck can attest. We wish her good luck as she navigates between being a possible nominee and TV presenter this fall.

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