The Daily Show Last Month Beat Every Fox Show But O'Reilly's

The Daily Show gained viewers as Fox lost them

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In the battle over the entertainment news market, Jon Stewart just had a great month. According to May Nielson ratings, reported, The Daily Show had more viewers last month than the average for the entire Fox News network, topped only, in fact, by the O'Reilly Factor. The British-based Daily Mail points out that while The Daily Show's audience is growing, reaching 2.3 million viewers, every one of Fox News' prime time shows lost viewers last month, bringing its scope down to 1.85 million. So what is causing the Fox News slump? "Some of the fall-off in Beck's numbers may be attributable to the fact that his show is going off the air, but it has been a consistent loser in the ratings for several months," David Ferguson at Raw Story points out. "The drop in public interest is echoed in ratings for radio shows hosted by Beck and Rush Limbaugh, which have each lost a third of their listenership in the last year, according to the radio polling group Arbitron."

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