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Here at The Atlantic Wire, we respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our jobs easier. Sometimes, though, we have no idea what they're talking about. So after a day of staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorite head-scratchers.


The emails are coming! The emails are coming! than a minute ago via Tumblr Favorite Retweet Reply

Open Wire was our big attempt at radical transparency, but to get in the mind of your typical Atlantic Wire writer at around 8 a.m., all you really need to do is read this tweet.

"Jersey Shore" is filming in Italy; Italy says "no grazie," calls them "tamarri" than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

We've said it once and we'll say it again: Italy has good taste.

Is there a scientific explanation for the impulse to picnic? than a minute ago via Favorite Retweet Reply

We waited all day for the follow-up tweet correcting this to "panic." Didn't happen. It really is about the urge to picnic.

When the Library of Congress announced its pre-1915 jukebox, you knew it was just a matter of time before all forms of fish, fowl, and fungi were marked for preservation

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