Bonnaroo Could Only Find Three Funny Women

That's out of the 28 comedy acts performing at the festival this year

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Bonnaroo kicked off its 10th annual Music and Arts Festival yesterday in Manchester, Tennessee. Along with a ton of musical acts ranging from Arcade Fire to Eminem to The White Buffalo, the festivities also include a   comedy lineup that is rather unbalanced gender-wise. Splitsider's Adam Frucci points out that of the 28 comedians that will appear on stage this weekend, only three are women. This is not the first time the Bonnaroo has had difficulty finding funny women: last year's lineup featured two lady comics and the year before that there were three. Still, "As an event that isn't centered around comedy, there are gonna be a ton of people in these audiences who are not comedy nerds and who are only sort of familiar with a few mainstream comedians," Frucci writes. "When they see a professionally curated lineup, they will assume that it is representative of what the comedy scene is like today. And to make it so blatantly unrepresentative is not only offensive, it's damaging to the comedy world as a whole." Bonnaroo isn't the first festival this year with a noticeably wide gender gap either. The South by Southwest festival in Austin added three women to its comedy lineup after  backlash from comedy fans who complained that of the 31 acts performing, only one was female.

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