Will Ferrell Dusts Off His Bush Impression

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All this week, America's top comics have been bidding farewell to Osama bin Laden in their own special way. Today, Funny or Die co-founder Will Ferrell took his turn, reprising his famous George W. Bush impression. From the confines of Sizzler Steakhouse in Dallas, Texas, Ferrell's Bush one-ups president Obama with the announcement of his own important kill: "I have personally overseen a strategic and covert operation that killed the gopher who's been tearing up my back yard," says Bush.

It's a nicely-timed return of the Bush impression and its funny enough to win the support of Bush sympathizers. "It's probably unfair to Bush, who -- for better or worse -- oversaw the creation and growth of many of the agencies and techniques that helped set the foundation for bin Laden's demise," writes the Baltimore Sun's Luke Broadwater. "But the thought of an frustrated Bush tripping and falling over gopher holes all day is too funny not to laugh at."

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