Which 'Bastards,' Exactly, Does Kathleen Parker Want Shot?

The syndicated columnist's new book has a provocative title, but other details are scarce

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Syndicated columnist and short-lived CNN talk show host Kathleen Parker had a rough go of things during her five months on Parker Spitzer--a fact we attribute to the little tiny table they made her sit at--but she's apparently bouncing back quite well after leaving the network in March. She's even writing a new book. A book called Shoot the Bastards.

Parker revealed the jarring title to Daily Intel's Mike Vilensky at Mika Brzezinski's book party last night. The good news is, it's possible she hasn't decided which bastards she wants to shoot quite yet. "The syndicated columnist said the book will be related to gender," reports Vilensky, "but she's still in the early stages of working on it." Parker's views on gender are complicated. She said in a 2010 column that Barack Obama's approach to governing was "feminine in a normative sense," but couldn't quite decide whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. One wonders if an aggressive, "upstaging" former governor who still has his prestigious television job might make an appearance. You never know.

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