Trump Mocks 'Stutterer' Seth Meyers after Correspondents' Dinner

The Donald fires back after being roasted by President Obama and Meyers

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During President Obama and Seth Meyers' roast of Donald Trump last night at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, Trump himself appeared stony-faced and grim while joke after joke was made at his expense. For someone usually so full of bluster, Trump appeared strangely unable to roll with the punches.

But Trump composed himself by Sunday and briefly called in to "Fox and Friends" to weigh in on the previous night's jokes, reports Politico. "Well, I really understood what I was getting into — I didn't know that I'd be virtually the sole focus," said Trump. "I guess when you're leading in the polls that sort of thing tends to happen. But I was certainly in a certain way having a good time listening."

If Trump was having a good time, he fooled the entire media. He went on to say that the event was "inappropriate" in certain respects and added, "I don't think the American people are having a good time with $5 gas. ... I was thinking to myself as they were doing this, you know, the American people are really suffering and we're all" having fun at a gala.

Perhaps that explained his dour expression, though we were surprised to hear that Trump's sympathy for the average American prevents him from enjoying luxury. Trump also had this to say about the dinner's comedic host: "I thought Seth Meyers — his delivery frankly was not good. He's a stutterer and he really was having a hard time."

The Donald didn't make any such comments about President Obama's comedic chops, but he did admit to being surprised that he was so skewered. "You raise to a certain level in the polls and boy does the world come after you. ... That was a largely liberal room. I had no idea it would be to that extent, where you know, it was just joke after joke after joke," he said. "It was almost like, is there anyone else they could talk about?"
Video of Trump's call is below.
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